This year I turn 35 and I am noticing lines, that’s right, the wrinkles are coming in. It started off with forehead lines in the morning that fade away as the morning does. Those lines started staying longer and longer throughout the day. Then it went to little crinkles outside my eyes when I smiled.

I am a huge supporter of doing whatever makes you feel good about yourself and you better believe that if I could afford it, I would be  Botoxing those lines right now! Ha ha! Until I go back to work full time, I’ve been looking at alternative options and I’ve finally jumped onto the collagen bandwagon. It’s about time right?

Collagen on the Inside

I have been reading and watching a lot about collagen supplements for awhile. It’s been on my list of things to try that I never got around to. I finally bit the bullet and started with Sproos Up Your Joints collagen in Mango Tumeric flavour ($45/tub). This particular blend is meant to defend, soothe and regenerate tired, achy and stiff joints. It’s a blend of 5 active ingredients (grass-fed beef collagen, glucosamine sulfate, MSM, organic turmeric and hyaluronic acid).

But all collagen helps with skin and does things like; improves skin elasticity and hydration, improves overall skin tone and appearance, reduces and prevents fine lines.

Collagen on the Outside

I was perusing Marshall’s one day and realized I needed some sort of night cream. When I looked through their beauty section I noticed a lot of serums and oils and thought I should try one out. I grabbed one from a company called Measurable Difference that was a collagen retinol mix so I gave it a whirl! For $7.99 I couldn’t go wrong.

That cheap little bottle has made an incredible difference! No kidding, I wake up and my skin looks tighter and more even toned. I have done comparisons and this bottle works better than my very expensive night serum.

I’m no expert, but I highly recommend doing an inside/out collagen combo to help improve the appearance of your skin. And all the other internal benefits too!

Just a heads up, there is no sponsorship or anything here. I was just so impressed with my cheap bottle of serum that I HAD to share it! Especially when I feel like everyone on social media are promoting these products that don’t fit my budget.

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