It’s only June and I have already hiked to Crandell Lake three times this season. Crandell is the best hike for beginners and kids as there is very little incline and it’s so short. This 1.3km hike (when starting from the Cameron lake trail head) features gorgeous mountain views and ends with the beautiful and warm (by mountain lake standards) Crandell.

Hiking with a Toddler

When we took Tynan we had a really rough start. Little guy was car sick and the windy mountain road did him in. Right before we made it to the trailhead parking lot her puked ALL OVER HIMSELF! It was nasty, looked just like the puking emoji. Thank goodness for good friends because Cat helped me clean out the car, bag up everything that was covered in puke and I helped calm Ty down.

Once we hit the trail he was a happy boy and he would step every few steps to announce “Look how high we are!” or “Look at the mountains!” It truly brought me a lot of joy.

When we got to the short incline part of the trail, he walked up determined to make it, saying to himself “You dot dis!” and I’m a climber boy!” or “I’m a hiker boy!” He would repeat these statements to any hiker we passed.

When we crested the hill and had to go down to the lake, he was extra cautious to make sure he didn’t fall down. He would repeat to himself “‘low and ‘teady. ‘low and ‘teady!”

On this particular day it was really windy/cold at the lake so we didn’t stay long.

The little bum made me carry him the whole way back to the car though and that was a feat! Carrying a 42 pound sack of potatoes on your back is tough.

Luckily, I had Cat to help me, she pulled me up the incline with a towel.

Swimming with Friends

The week before I had hiked to Crandell lake with some girlfriends for the express purpose of swimming in the lake. Last summer I made it a goal to get in the water no matter how cold it was and I spent all winter trying to pysch myself up for a polar dip (which never happened).

When we got to the lake, some jumped right in and some tip toed in. I was super impressed with Hayley and Cat who stayed in there for probably 10 minutes or more!

Get Your Butt to Crandell Lake

The whole purpose of this short recap is that you need to get your back to Crandell Lake! It’s a great hike for all ages and most abilities. With hot summer weather, a cold lake dip sounds real nice doesn’t it?

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