The weather held out so I was able to make it into Calgary for the 2018 Calgary Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show. The last couple years were snowy and stormy, though we did drive through snow in Nanton. My cousin Jenn and I road tripped up and met with Keirstyn for a day of laughter and fun.


We started off going to the international theatre to hear from one of the tour companies.

I’m so glad this was our first stop because we found a free massage booth hidden away behind the theatre! SCORE! It was a glorious 10 minutes where I had my shoulders, lower back, and hips worked out. I made a joke about coming back in disguise and was told I could come back if I wanted which made my day!

Afterward we began wandering up and down the aisles making sure to look at every single booth to see what the exhibitors had to offer and entering every giveaway.

We also had fun at the booths that were more geared toward kids.


We kept getting so many ideas of places to go locally and internationally. I was also very excited to learn about a couple of summer camps that are nearby. I was getting so many ideas for what to do with future students as well as my own little one when he’s old enough.

The highlight of the show? Well, the massages, but after that- the Banff photo booth!

We were getting tired and ready to call it without having hit every single booth. I asked to go down one more aisle and Jenn said “I think we already hit all the fun booths” and then we came upon the photo booth and I responded “Oh I don’t think so!”



We finished our day back at the massage booth for a second free massage which made my day!

Jenn said she had so much fun and I told her how much I enjoy this show. The drive is long (3 hours each way) but it goes by fast with good company.

Next year I think I’ll stay in Calgary so I can either break it up in two days or spend a whole day at the show. It’s difficult trying to take it all in in a few hours and I love chatting with the exhibitors. We spent a long time talking with the 50 North Adventure and Adventure Quest folks from B.C. We talked about whale watching, the beaches, and all the outdoor adventures that can be done in Northern BC. So much on my bucket list!

I stayed up late to write this recap so that people have time to hit the show on Sunday, March 25th! It runs from 10am- 5pm at the BMO Centre in Stampede Park. It’s not a pricey event, only $8 at the door and free for kids under 11!

Who’s excited for summer adventures?

What’s you ultimate adventure/travel bucket list item? Mine is to hike the East Coast Trail in Newfoundland!

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