The long weekend is upon us and the weather SUCKS. Ryan and I were prepared for this, we booked a hotel room in Fernie for the long weekend because we knew rain or snow was likely and we wanted a warm bed and hot shower if we were going to be out playing in the rain.

For the Lethbians (unofficial name) who are opting to have a staycation this long weekend, I thought I would share some of my favourite day hikes that are within two hour’s drive. The rain is supposed to stop on Sunday so you have two days to get out and get hiking!

Crowsnest Pass- Saskatoon Mountain

I’ve only done one hike so far in Crowsnest Pass but I’m hoping to remedy that this summer. Saskatoon Mountain is an easy hike with a short climb that isn’t very steep but with gorgeous views of Crowsnest Mountain. It’s actually where Ryan proposed (awwww).

While you’re there, hit up Frank Slide and walk around the enormous boulders.

Milk River- Writing on Stone Provincial Park 

My brother Bruce and I atop a hoodoo
My brother Bruce and I atop a hoodoo

The weather on May Long weekend is iffy, sometimes it’s safer to head East toward the Canadian Badlands instead of West into the mountains. Checking out more of the badlands is on my to-do list but I have had some fun playing at the hoodoos at Writing on Stone. This is a very popular place to camp because it’s on the river and the hoodoos are so much fun to play on and around.


Waterton is my bread and butter when it comes to hiking. It has a special place in my heart because I lived and worked there for a year and it’s only a one hour drive away from my home.

Easy- WishBone Trail


Bears Hump is  commonly reccomended for an easy hike in Waterton and it is a short but steep climb up with great views, but everyone does it! I don’t like being like everyone else. Get a reverse perspective by hiking (or biking) the Wishbone Trail on the other side of the lake!

This is a rarely travelled path so you won’t run into as many people and the untouched sandy beach covered in driftwood is amazing. It’s about 4 miles long and then you hit the Mt. Vimy trail.

(Note: As of May 7 (last trail condition update)- Parks Canada has a warning on this trail because it is a prescribed burn area. I don’t think they will do a burn over the long weekend but be sure to watch for signage at the trail head).

Medium- Goat Haunt


This is my favourite easy-medium hike in Waterton I’ve done so far. I only list it as medium because it’s a longer one and I don’t know if the cruise boats will be running this weekend so you would have to go to Goat Haunt and back,  about 26 km (13km each way). But it’s an easy hike with very little elevation gain and the views are spectacular! My favourite is the suspension bridge as you cross over in to the U.S.

Difficult – Goat Lake 


Parks Canada currently has this listed in Fair condition with steep snow slopes and slippery sections at higher elevations. Wear your hiking shoes with the best grip and go see how much of the lake is still under snow/ice!

The husband and I have a pet friendly hotel in Fernie, BC booked and are taking the dogs for a weekend away of hiking in a new place in some new mountains! Happy hiking everyone!

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