Before the national parks opened back up (I am in a long term relationship with Waterton Lakes National Park) I was able to explore Castle Wildland Provincial Park and was so happy to learn about the Drywood Falls hike. Thanks to the AllTrails app we learned this short and easy hike ( out and back) was nearby so Rachelle and I headed out one day to check it out. You know, I should contact Alltrails about sponsoring this blog. Ha ha! I’ve had too many….miscalculations (I was rescued last year) that I no longer trust myself looking at a map and knowing where to go or what the distance is.

Anyway, we started early enough that there were only two other cars in the parking area. It was a windy day though and mountain winds are ice cold. The way there we pretty much kept our hoods up the entire time.

The hike starts off on an old gravel road which is great for strollers or bikes at first, but as you get closer to the falls it becomes a single track trail so a stroller likely isn’t going to be easy to get through.

Keep in mind, this trail is a slow and steady incline up the entire way to the falls. We couldn’t believe how winded we were getting when it was such a slight climb. But because it was constant, it got the heart rate pumping.

In just 45 minutes we hit the falls though and they didn’t disappoint.

We both agreed that on a hot day these falls would make a great swimming spot.

We went up and around the falls to get to the top of the falls and look down which was cool.

The way back down the trail flew by with the wind at our backs and the steady decline back.

This is such a great family hike! I highly recommend the Drywood Falls hike to beginners and kids. I’ll likely go back with the family to this one.

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