I always said that I would never become one of those moms that completely neglects themselves. I wanted to make sure I cared for myself as well so I came up with easy ways moms can care for themselves. You know the ones, so focused on their families and responsibilities that they never think about themselves. They’re tired, stressed, and laser focused on everything but themselves. I thought I would share the few things I’ve prioritized to make sure I don’t lose myself within the responsibilities of caring for my family, work, and managing life.

Hot Coffee

Okay mamas, listen to me- stop drinking cold coffee! I know how crazy and hectic mornings are; it’s hard enough to get yourself ready let alone enjoy your coffee.

I think the BEST way to start your day off right is to sip and enjoy your coffee, fresh from the pot! Set your coffee pot to go off automatically so it’s brewing and ready ahead of time. If you can, wake up five minutes before your kids do to enjoy it. If that’s not possible, let them be for five minutes no matter what they’re doing. I’ll change Tynan’s diaper and then let him crawl around for five minutes undressed and making a mess because I prioritize a few minutes of hot coffee over anything else.

Another trick? Drink out of a travel mug with a spill proof lid. It stays hot for hours and then you can carry it around and set it down wherever you are without worrying about spilling.

Girls’ Night Out

I started a tradition with my girlfriends of having a monthly girls’ night out. We have a set date that we get together no matter what. Of course, not everyone can make it out each month, but having a set date makes it easier for planning ahead of time.

These nights are a highlight of every month for me. We always do an activity first and then dinner or drinks after, and I laugh so much and have so much fun. It’s my time to pretend I’m a carefree teenager again where your friends were everything.

Pick a date (1st Saturday of the month, third Thursday, etc.) and prioritize some fun with your friends!

Make Workouts Non-Negotiable

Listen to me- you do have time to exercise! It has to be a non-negotiable, and you are not to feel guilty about it!

I had to tell Ryan that my runs were my priority over anything else (besides keeping Tynan alive) on training days.  If I don’t stick consistently to the training plan,  I’ll either hurt myself or won’t finish that marathon.

If you have a workout scheduled, the dishes and laundry can wait, and your husband and kids can deal without you for one hour (even if he’s a little grumpy about it).

Be selfish when it comes to making sure you get your workouts!

Treat Your Skin Right

Pregnancy sure changed my skin! What’s up with that by the way? Not only do you gain a bunch of weight, but your skin gets all wonky permanently? Combine that with dry, cold winters makes for a rough looking face.

I recently purchased SkinCeuticals’ Resveratrol B from BeautySense.ca, in an effort to help out my skin while I sleep. This night serum should improve the appearance of radiance and elasticity on my face.

There is a plethora of great products out there that can really help your skin, and you’re not going to find them on sale at Walmart. You have to invest in your skin! I’ve got my eye on the Retinol 0.3, Redness neutralizer, and the Antioxidant lip repair.

Sunday = Beauty Night

This was some great advice from Belinda at B.Livewear. I’m obsessed with this fit mama and her advice on how to balance work, parenting, and your own health. One of her many gems of wisdom is to designate Sunday nights for beauty treatments such as face masks, painting nails, exfoliating, etc.

I love this idea because it sets you up to feel your best for the week, and it gets your mind off all the things you’ll have to do that week.

Talk to Other Moms

I have to give such a huge shout outs to my girlfriends! They are so great and so supportive when I talk to them about my struggles and triumphs. Of all my friends, I have the youngest child by far, and it’s so great to hear their experiences and what worked for their different children.

So once more, kick ‘mom guilt’ to the curb and realize that it’s okay to do these few small things for you and your mental health.

A happy mom makes a happy family!

Instead of spending Sunday nights stressing about the week ahead, focus on the things you can do to make yourself feel better and ready for the week.

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