This has been a boring kick off to 2018 so I haven’t had much to write about. Between the extreme weather, a vehicle that drives terribly in the snow, working like crazy, and being pregnant and tired, I’ve spent a lot of evenings at home on my butt on the couch.

This is why I was in absolute heaven when I went out to Castle Park with my friend Rachelle to get in a bit of snowshoeing. Her children were taking their first ski lesson at Castle Mountain Resort and I couldn’t but help get really excited myself as I helped them get boots and skis and saw them begin their first lesson. I can’t wait to introduce this little guy to fun outdoor activities and to be that mom giving encouragement as he tries new things.

Once the boys were settled into their lesson we headed to Syncline to do some snowshoeing. I had a good laugh getting dressed as my pants didn’t zip at all over my belly and my jacket had to be zipped on the top of it. This left my bump just kind of hanging out.

But it was so warm it didn’t matter. I felt the warmth of the sun on my face and did it ever put me in a good mood.  We only had an hour until the boys lesson would be over so Rachelle and I headed off in no particular direction. We chatted and plodded along in our shoes.

I noticed it was difficult to catch my breath going up even the smallest of hills and I had to walk slower than normal or else I felt a little uncomfortable. But overall, snowshoeing at 8.5 months pregnant was a blast!

We fit in about 3 km overall before having to head back but it was 3km of pure bliss through the trees in the warmth of the day. The only bad part is that the day made me SOOOOO ready for spring and I know it’s a trap to think it’s spring already! I don’t let myself believe it’s spring until after my tulips pop up, and even then we always get at least one more snow storm that those tulips manage to survive.

Who else is itching for spring?

P.S. Friday is the last day to enter to win tickets to the Calgary Outdoor & Travel Show next weekend! 

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