I have had this sitting in my draft folder since April! Whoops!

Okay, Southern Albertans. How many times have you been on your way to Waterton and between Magrath and Cardston you pass a sign for Woolford Provincial Park and it says “for day use only” and you think- what could be out here in the middle of the prairie that is worth coming out for?

I got so curious passing this sign every time I headed to Waterton
I got so curious passing this sign every time I headed to Waterton

The answer- a former camp ground on the river!

I took the dogs down there thinking I would go for a run around the park and was confused when I pulled in and saw a full on camp ground, complete with playground, camp kitchens and playground. But the sign says very clearly that it’s “For Day Use only” so I don’t know why Parks Alberta has it closed.

The dogs and I went and played by the river. It was a warm spring day but I think it will be fun now in the summer when you’re looking to swim in some fresh water.

After I let the dogs go crazy, I started to run around the camp ground passing spot after spot. I only got in a mile before I had taken in the whole park, so it’s a small park.

They had a blast
They had a blast

I definitely see myself coming here this summer with the kids and the dogs for some fun summer river swimming nearby.

But now when you drive by the sign and wonder “what the heck is down there?” you know!

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