On May Long (wow that was so long ago) Ryan and I took the dogs on a dog-cation to Fernie and after doing a pretty intense climb up Mount Hosmer, we opted to do a short, easy hike on Sunday and that was Fairy Creek Falls.

You start the hike at the parking lot of the Visitors Centre and be warned there are several windy paths all over the area. They mainly all head toward the falls but I know Ryan and I were getting confused as we hit fork after fork in the trail.



Away we went, there was little climbing and after awhile of not seeing another person, we let the dogs off their leashed to run around.


We came upon a lot of signage about a new housing development that is going on that and leading to the falls. I wish I had money because what an amazing place to have a vacation home!


As we were going up one short hill, a mountain biker came up and over (there are a lot of mountain bikers on this trail so be aware and listen for wheels to avoid a collision) and scared Apollo to death!! Rocky just barked once then jumped out of the way but Apollo turned around and ran away as if the devil were chasing him. I caught a glance at his face and all I could see were the whites in his eyes.

He was gone! The mountain biker stopped and his friends stopped so that Ryan could catch him but Apollo was gone! Ryan had to chase him for a good 400 metres before he caught him. Ha ha ha ha! When Ryan put him on the leash and walked him back, Apollo saw the bikers and wiggled out of his collar and ran away again. I was laughing so hard my stomach hurt.  I’ve gone and ordered both dogs a couple Kurgo harnesses so they can’t slip out like that again.

After we got over the mountain biking scare we kept walking toward the falls and we were greatly rewarded for such a short hike. The falls were absolutely stunning!


I would have liked to let the dogs off leash so they could swim and play but there were a lot of people there so we didn’t stay too long.

Tried to get a family selfie at the falls but Apollo wouldnt cooperate
Tried to get a family selfie at the falls but Apollo wouldn’t cooperate

On the way back we took our time and took different pathways to explore the area. . This is a hike that any level can do and the falls are worth the short hike, I would highly recommend it to everyone.



(scrambler 30 backpack pictured on this hike not available on Amazon)


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