Sunday was my last day of working at Pearl’s Cafe in Waterton and after my shift I took my tired self out for a short  hike. I tweaked my back spotting cheerleaders on Saturday so I wanted an easy hike with nice views and little effort, which is Bertha Falls hands down.


This 3.36 mile hike took me about an hour an a half total as I sat and enjoyed the falls and walked slowly to prevent further back pain. This is the beginners hike I often recommend to folks because Bears Hump is quite a climb.

Fall is in full swing and the trail was so beautiful decorated in colour. It was a cool day but not overly cold.


When I got to the falls I was surprised to see a footpath go off to the right before the bridge. I have done this hike quite a few times but don’t remember that trail. It took you up and gave you a wonderful view of the falls straight on, whereas from the bridge you see the falls from the side.

Ryan and I are headed out next Sunday for a fall hike because I realized he hasn’t gone with me on a single hike all season! I’m trying to talk him into Goat Haunt but Bertha Lake may be more realistic.

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