We’ve been promising to take the kids to Waterton for awhile and when the forecast called for 30 on Saturday (oh Southern Alberta- the weather is unpredictable, it was actually about 15) we decided to head out.

We started off at Pat’s to rent a surrey and bash around the town. I’ve actually never rented one before and boy was that exhausting! Especially when my stepson, Ace, couldn’t reach the pedals so I wound up doing all the work!

Ryan and his daughter Ryan kept racing us and were winning because little Ryan could actually pedal! Ha ha.

But we all had a great time pedalling to Cameron Falls and then through the entire townsite. We only rented them for a half hour which was perfect because my legs were tired!

After we dropped the surrey’s off, it was off to the Bertha Falls trailhead. Bertha Falls hike is one of my favourite easy day hikes and it’s so GORGEOUS in the fall!

The kids were having a blast and climbing on everything.

Toward the end they started to complain about how long the hike was, but it was worth it to hear them go “Whooooooa!” and run to see the falls close up.

On the way back we were caught in a light drizzle that contained hail.

Overall, I would call it a successful family outing.

I’m actually on my way back to Waterton this morning to meet up with a bunch of Alberta bloggers for a morning hike up Bear’s Hump. Yeah!

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