Sunday was so much fun! I wanted to take advantage of the warm weather and have some outdoor fun so the family drove to Writing on Stone Provincial Park. Located about 40km from Milk River, Writing on Stone is this incredible place made of eroded sandstone structures that create a landscape that makes you feel like you’re on another planet.

Writing on Stone park contains the greatest concentration of rock art on the North American plains with more than 50 petroglyph sites and thousands of works and was a sacred place to local tribes. I’ve only been a couple of times and I’ve never seen any ancient rock art, just the carvings of peoples initials. I would like to come and do the actual tour to see the rock art!

The wind wasn’t blowing too hard and the weather was delightful so we proceeded to walk and climb our way along this amazing place.

Both the kids and the parents had a blast and we spent two great hours out in the sunshine. I know the campground here is so popular that it books out almost as soon as Alberta Parks opens up the booking site. I think we’ll have to camp in Milk River and hit this park again with the kids over the summer. It turns out if you cross the river, they have a whole ‘backcountry hiking’ area open.


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