As I get deeper into my wellness journey, supplements have become an important tool in staying healthy. I began taking zinc, vitamin D and vitamin C regularly to boost my immune system. I’ve added fish oil and glucosamine to help with joint pain from running. And now I’m increasing my iron levels with Ferritin+.

About 25% of women are iron deficient. This deficiency can show itself in a variety of symptoms including: extreme fatigue, weakness, pale skin, headache or dizziness, cold hands and feet and more. If you find yourself looking at dirt or sand and thinking “yummy”, you’re likely iron deficient. (My sister was iron deficient and ate sand.)

Ferritin+ is a plant-based iron supplement that is clinically proven to increase iron levels without irritation, constipation, or cellular damage. The ferritin protein comes from organic peas and Ferritin+ is clinically proven to be well-absorbed. They are vegan and gluten free.

Why You Should Try Ferritin+

Long-Term Energy

Many other supplements give you short-term energy.  Ferritin+ capsules use time release technology to help build up your stored iron levels gently and efficiently throughout the day.

Increased Mental Clarity & Improved Memory

When you’re physically drained, you typically feel foggy too. Rebuilding your iron levels will not only give you physical energy, but should help clear the brain fog and give you mental clarity and improved memory.


Compared to other high quality iron supplements, Ferritin+ is affordable, costing about $1 per daily capsule.