For the second year in a row, I have been a part of Mountain Hardwear’s Finding Winter campaign. “We believe that adventures are best when shared, and this winter, we’re asking you to share your adventures with us. Winter is out there. Go find it.”

This year my jaw DROPPED when I saw the huge box they sent along and I literally jumped up and down when I opened it. Inside the box was a Scrambler™ 30 OutDry® Backpack, Seraction™ Jacket, Ghost Whisperer™ Down Hooded Jacket.


Scrambler™ 30 OutDry® Backpack


I was so excited to pull this out of the box because I was in need of a good backpack. Currently all I had was my little $10 one strapper that only held the bear spray and first aid kit or my HUGE back country bag my brother gave me. This bag is completely waterproof and has “low profile shoulder straps and a stowable waist belt to provide an ergonomic fit.” It’s just the right size too- not too big but not too small.

The one small flaw I found in this backpack is that the hook often gets stuck on the strap and takes a couple tries to release.

Seraction™ Jacket


I was sent this jacket last year and you can read my review HERE. I love this coat because it is so light that you think it’s not warm enough until you get out there and feel hot and have to open the vents!  It’s actually a mixed rock and ice-climbing jacket, so yeah, it keeps you warm! “Elite waterproof technology starts expelling excess heat and vapor immediately for instant breathability during rigorous climbs. Stretch panels across the back and hood allow maximum mobility.”

Ghost Whisperer™ Down Hooded Jacket

Ok- this jacket was by far my favourite item I was sent this year! This is an ultra light down jacket, you can squish it into the size of your fist making it so portable and does it ever keep in the heat! I was able to wear just this jacket on many days and still be warm and toasty.

It’s waterproof but also comfy (almost like a hoodie) and I intend to bring this with me on all camping adventures this summer.

I did have an unfortunate accident with a tree and barbed wire and tore a small hole in the sleeve so I need to figure out a way to seal the hole because I LOVE this jacket!! I need it to last for years to come.

My coat!! Must fix this ASAP!
My coat!! Must fix this ASAP!


I am FOREVER harping on the need to get outside in the wintertime. I know how hard it is to fight the hibernation instinct and how unappealing going out into the cold can be but if you live in Canada, you have to embrace the cold or die a little inside every winter. Our summers are too short to hibernate all winter long and we as human beings were designed to be outside, to move our bodies, to be in nature!

So what did I accomplish with this amazing gear?

Cut down Christmas Tree

Went snowshoeing


Went on a cold weather picnic

I actually created a video and wrote a blog post for the Mountain Hardwear blog about my cold weather picnic and the things I discovered. Check it out HERE.

Wow- that sure is a lot of photos of myself! But I needed to show you all the stuff I’ve done in this gear. What I can’t show is how much I will do over the years because Mountain Hardwear gear is high quality and lasts FOREVER!

I hope this post has inspired you to bundle up and get out there!!

Disclaimer- The gear reviewed in this post were sent to me by Mountain Hardwear as
part of their Finding Winter Campaign. I was not compensated for this post and the
thoughts and opinions expressed here are, as always, my own.

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