To end my long weekend with a bang I made my way out to my fave place (Waterton) to see my bestie Keirstyn and for some much needed hiking. The forecast was +10 and the town site is almost snow free already.

It was so beautiful by the lake


After my fun with Keir I headed to Bears Hump for my first hike of the season and I was pumped! I got a little thrill putting on my hiking shoes again.

When I started the hike, the trial looked good. A little soft with some snow but nothing too bad.

Then it quickly turned to this! It was so slick the whole way up which made the hike twice as hard.  It was actually worse coming down because I didn’t want to lose control and slip and smash my head on a rock. At some points I was crawling on my hands and feet backwards to avoid a slip.

This was so sketchy coming down!

But as always, Bears Hump is worth the effort.

The water was like glass yesterday

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