I have the world’s most accident prone dog. In the past two months he was attacked by another dog and took a really bad puncture wound inches away from his eyeball, and he had a bottom canine knocked out when he jumped up to grab a softball as the batter was mid swing (yup, he took a bat to the face) and now we can add tearing off parts of his pads to that list!

It started off with a fun bike ride with Rocky and the kids. It was awesome. He ran around, chased birds, and swam and the ids and I enjoyed the nice weather.

As we were on our last stretch, Rocky took off chasing some deer which he always does and typically once they are out of his sight he’ll turn around and come back. After a long while he didn’t come back so I parked my bike and went back calling for him. When I finally saw him in the distance he looked relieved and happy to see me, so I’m guessing he was lost. Then I noticed he was limping. When I lifted his front paw I saw a chunk of his bad had come off.

photo 3
Hard to see but he has a large round chunk missing off his pad.

I freaked and called Ryan to drive down to get us. I threw Rocky over my shoulders and fireman carried him toward my bike. I thought obstacle racing was tough, but carrying a 70 pound dog on a gravel path is rough! Luckily he didn’t struggle to get down or anything, he was probably relieved to get off his feet.

photo 4

Ryan met me and drove him home and I quickly Googled what to do when a dog tears or rips his pads. Most everything I read said to clean it, put antibiotic ointment and wrap it for a little while so we did just that. After we had cleaned and treated his pad he laid down and began licking his other paw. He had torn both of his front pads! So we treated and wrapped up his other paw.

We’ll leave them be for a little while and after that just keep the wounds clean.

So for now my adventure buddy, my fur baby is down. Poor guy!



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