Earlier this summer, Mountain Warehouse (a UK-based outdoor retailer) sent me the ultimate back country gift package. It included new hiking boots, a sleeping bag, and a tent. Sadly, my injury prevented me from doing my planned back country trip this summer so I could test everything out, but I got a lot of use out of the Microlite 950 Sleeping Bag.

Here is what Mountain Warehouse had to say about this sleeping bag:

The Microlite 950 Sleeping Bag is a great season 3 sleeping bag ideal for chilly UK weather. Designed in a hardy ripstop fabric, it is lightweight, insulating and easy to pack, handy on an outdoor adventure.

  • Season 3 – This is suitable for mildly chilly to cold temperatures with an extreme temperature rating of -11C
  • Survival Temperature – The extreme rating is a survival only rating for a ‘standard’ adult woman. It is not advisable to rely on this rating for general use
  • Choice of Zip – Left or right hand zip available, buy one of each and zip them together to make a double!
  • Mummy Shape – Mummy shaped bags follow your body shape, giving you a cosier night’s sleep
  • Fabric – 100% Nylon Ripstop
  • Ripstop – Stops rips in their tracks with this heavy duty fabric
  • Internal Pocket – Found near the top of the sleeping bag, ideal for keeping your wallet or phone safe as you sleep
  • Packed Size – 17 x 43cm
  • Weight – 1.4kg

I LOVED this bag! It was super lightweight (it’s meant for backpacking), super warm, and so very soft!!!! So soft it was like snuggling into a warm little nest.

I used it camping at several ball tournaments and while camping in Koocanusa and I would look forward to bed time so I could snuggle in. The hood on top really sealed the deal because it was so warm.

But alas! This wonderful sleeping bag and I weren’t meant to have a long term relationship. On my last camping excursion at a ball tournament, I sustained a foot injury and bled on the soft lining of this wonderful bag. When I threw it in the laundry room to wash it, Apollo thought it was a chew toy and destroyed it!!!!!!!!! I was so very upset because this was seriously the best sleeping bag I’ve ever had.

Why dog why?!?!

Disclaimer: Mountain Warehouse sent me their gear in exchange for an honest gear review, my thoughts and opinions are, as always, my own. 


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