I love that my friends are up for anything, it always makes for fun times out. Most women go out for drinks and dancing on girls get-togethers, we go paddle boarding, cross country skiing, or in the case of last week, axe throwing.

After a quick dinner at Moxie’s (shout out for the table made guacamole!) we crossed the street to True North Axe Throwing. I’d seen a lot of Lethbridge friends trying it out on social media and while it looked like something fun to try, I thought it would get boring after awhile. That was definitely not the case.

You book a one hour time slot in advance  and it’s $20/person. If you want, they sell beer and coolers which  make for a more social atmosphere. Since I couldn’t have a beer, I ate a chocolate bar instead. Ha ha!

During your hour, you have an employee there who walks you through technique and safety rules. Every person in your group gets several practise throws where he gives advice on grip, where to start, etc.

I did not expect to find it so SCARY at first! Once the axe was in my hand and over my head I became really nervous. It goes against all safety rules you were taught as a kid; don’t run with scissors, be careful with sharp knives, don’t play with axes. So for the first 10-15 minutes or so, I would throw and recoil back in fear that the axe was going to bounce off the wood and come flying back at me. It didn’t, but it took awhile for me to stop being so nervous about it.


After everyone had done it several times, our worker then started a round robin tournament. He managed the scores on an iPad and each person had three rounds of five throws and we went up against each person in our group.

Being competitive was fun, but it was even nicer to be able to focus on throwing and let someone else worry about the score. In the end Jenna won by a LOT (40-something) and I came in 3/4.

After that, we did a single elimination tournament style which he ran as well. And guess who won that one? C’est moi! Mind you, I found that the side with the most beat up wood had the highest success rate of sticking (the axe bounced out of newer wood) so I always ran to get that side which gave me an advantage.

After that, he pulled out the big axe which was really scary and awkward to throw after getting used to the little guys. We all took turns with that and Jenna was the only one who was able to get it to actually stick into the target.

When all this was done we had 10 minutes left and were left to play on our own. The worker gave us ideas to play to 11 or 21 and we did that until our time was up. The 1 hour that I thought would be too much time flew by!

This is a really unique and fun idea if you’re looking for something different. I would like to do a group date and bring Ryan because I think he would get really into it.

Have you tried axe throwing yet? What did you think?

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