I sure love going out with my friends. When you’re older and a mom with family responsibilities, it’s difficult to coordinate busy schedules to work out a get together. But coordinate I did, and on Friday night, ten of us hit Core Elements for a private aerial yoga session with Kendall.

I like to coordinate nights that have a fund activity versus just dinner and drinks and aerial was the perfect activity!

It was funny how even for yoga, the outfit questions comes into play. I was determined to squeeze into my pre-baby black Lululemons because they hold everything together so well. But they were so tight that they pushed my mummy tummy up and over. I chose my baggiest t-shirt which was a black ‘Born Free’ kind of rock and roll t-shirt. I decided to add jewelry and do dark makeup and a rocker(ish) pony to complete the look. When I was leaving Ryan said I looked funny all dressed up but carrying a yoga mat. I told him it was my yoga chic look.

Then I went to pick up some of the girls. When they saw what I was wearing they instantly wanted to change. Paula took off the granny sweater, Camille took off the patterned leggings and replaced them with black mesh leggings. It was so funny! Seeing their reactions, I texted the other gals I was going to pick up and told them I was in a yoga chic outfit. Aren’t women hilarious? I love it!

Anyway, on to yoga!

Most of the ladies had always wanted to go but never been because they didn’t have anyone to go with and felt intimidated. The appeal of a private session is no fear of judgement and the ability to come and have a fun and relaxed time.

We started off with a little bit of ground work before heading into the silks. For first timers, nausea is a big part of aerial yoga (I definitely struggled during my first session) and some of the gals had to take regular breaks to keep the nausea at bay.

I learned to always make sure my silks are centered and to stop them from swinging before doing any poses, especially upside down poses.

The best part of aerial is how amazing your back feels! The silk massages your spine in a lot of the poses and all the inversions lengthen and stretch out your spine. Everyone agreed their backs felt awesome afterward.

For any Lethbridge readers interested, it’s $150 for a one hour private session at Core Elements and they can accommodate 12 people.

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