I was so excited on Wednesday night when I touched down at 10:30 p.m. and it was still daylight out. I was back in my hometown of Fort McMurray. Born and raised in Fort Mac, I haven’t been back in 13 years and when an opportunity to work up there came up, I jumped on it.

This is what 10:30 pm looks like in Fort Mac in the summerI was contracted by a company called 11-11 Marketing to help them plan and run the 1st Annual Fort McMurray #468 First Nation Golf Tournament and the 2015 Treaty Days.

We spent Thursday trying to finalize details and I couldn’t believe how little the City has changed. Everyone I know has moved away and they said wit was so different and I would hardy recognize it and yes there were a TON of apartment building n places that used to be empty fields but for the most part, all the old buildings were the same. Timberlea was bush when I left and is now a full residential community, but downtown, Beacon Hill, and Gregoire were the same as I remembered.

Anyway, Thursday night I headed back to the Sawridge Hotel to get some sleep as I had to be up by 5 to be at the Miskanaw Golf Course on MacDonald Island by 5:45 a.m. I ALWAYS take the stairs if I’m going up just one story and this time around, I really wish I wasn’t.

EVIL stairs!
EVIL stairs!

One Bad Son (a band that we booked to play at Treaty Days) was walking through the hall with their guitars when my toe got caught on the stairs and I went down HARD. I let out a squeak and was in so much pain I couldn’t move. One of the guys yelled up “are you ok?” Although I was in a lot of pain, I yelled back “Yeah I’m fine! Just embarrassed!” I limped back to my room and when I took off my pants to see my knee I knew I needed stitches.

Sorry readers- I HAD to gross you out! I freak out at the sight of blood, so imagine how horrified I was with this!!
Sorry readers- I HAD to gross you out! I freak out at the sight of blood, so imagine how horrified I was with this!!

I drove myself to the ER and 3.5 hours and some tears later, I limped back to my room at 2:30 a.m. My alarm was really early at 5:00 am.

I worked hard at the golf tournament and put in 17 hours on Saturday working Treaty Days and it was hectic but also satisfying (I love a good event).

It was a fun and lovely celebration event
It was a fun and lovely celebration event

Because of the swollen and painful knee I didn’t get to hike all my old trails and visit the backwoods spots I loved as a child. But I did go to the Hangingstone River at Lion’s Park and collect a few fossils for myself and the step kids.

It felt so good to go back because Fort McMurray is the only place that truly feels like home. I left in 1999 when I was 14 but it was where I was born and raised and where my dad was raised. My family had a history in that community and for the first time since I left, I truly felt like I was back home.

Sorry I don’t have a ton of pictures- Fort McMurray is sooooo beautiful in the summer too. But I was too busy working and when I wasn’t working I was too sore to move.  I have to go back with Ryan and the kids on an actual vacation so I can take them to see my childhood home and all the dear spots in the woods I love!

In the meantime, my sprint training is on hold for two weeks until I get these stitches removed. I can do light jogging but with my limited range of motion weights, sprinting, and softball are out. Blah!

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