On the drive to the Tri-Citites from Seattle I knew the boys would need a big wiggle stop so an activity in Snoqualmie Pass was definitely warranted. Heading to my AllTrails app, I found Gold Creek Pond and we weren’t disappointed!


Type: Easy

Length: 1.2 miles

Elevation Gain: 45 ft

Good for: All ages and wheelchairs/strollers

Getting There

Turn off I-90 at exit 54, there will be wood signs to direct you. First taking a right on FSR 4832, drive one mile down then a left on FSR 144. Again, there are signs to easily direct you.

Bring a Discovery Pass or cash/cheque to pay for parking!

Gold Creek Pond

This area is all paved meaning you can easily walk to an around the lake with a wheelchair or stroller. I really wish I’d known this because I would have brought my shoulder and saved my back. (You’ll see what I mean later).

The pond is a very short way from the parking lot and the view is absolutely gorgeous! The water is crystal clear and the colouring is amazing.

Luckily, I overheard a mom tell her daughter swimming wasn’t permitted. I had missed the signage when we walked in and would have otherwise dove into those crystal clear waters and cooled off on a scorching day.

There is a large picnic area with many tables making this an excellent roadside picnic stop if you plan ahead and bring meals.

After throwing rocks for a little bit, we started to walk around the lake and enjoy the stunning water views.

There is a little peninsula on the walk that would be an amazing Instagram photo spot if you had a second adult to take it. Ha ha!

Carrying the Monkeys

We were halfway around the lake when Tynan declared his legs were tired and he couldn’t walk anymore. I was pretty annoyed because he hiked all the way to Franklin Falls on his own with no problems and it was a much harder hike.

I had no choice but to get Ty on my shoulders and book it out of there while my back ached under the pressure of two kids. See what I mean by wishing I had my stroller?

Thankfully, the trail is short and I was able to huff and puff us back to the car quickly.

There is so much more in the Pass for the boys and I to discover, but Gold Creek Pond and Franklin Falls didn’t disappoint.


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