I learned a valuable lesson this Hallloween- if you want to get a perfect picture you have to do it before the actual day.  Because on the actual day your little is so hopped up on sugar and running around like crazy that it’s impossible to get them to stand and pose for a cute picture.

In true Rachel fashion, I matched my costumer to TyTy’s. He was a lion and I was a lion tamer.

We went trunk or treating at the mall with Cat and her kids. I am so glad we did this because it was a cold night and I would much rather chase a one year old around a mall than on the sidewalk.

At first he had a blast and was running around chasing Kevin and Olive and laughing and screaming. He had a lollipop fused to his hand most of the time.

And then he started to get grumpy and so was I. I was sweaty from chasing him around and the mall was so crowded that I started to feel claustrophobic. We said goodbye early and headed home for some traditional trick or treating.

TyTy fell asleep on the drive and I was so beat that we opted out of hitting the sidewalk. We picked up Ryan and just drove to a couple people’s homes and called it a day. Ha ha!

Next year will be easier, I’ll be able to guzzle lots of coffee to keep my energy up!

How was your Halloween?