I’m back! Thank goodness for the long weekend which gave me a chance to catch up on everything. I am expecting my wedding pictures any day now so watch my Wedding link for a TON of photos in the next week or so. But I have been dying to share my Hawaiian adventures so let’s get started!

After spending the night in Great Falls and 12 hours of flying or waiting for flights, Ryan and I finally arrived in Oahu! I had been looking forward to show Ryan my favourite place in the world for months and months.


We rented a condo at Pat’s on Punaluu for only $95/night! A steal for Hawaii. This beach front property was the perfect place for a honeymoon. My only complaint is that the bedroom is on the street side of the place and the traffic was so loud I couldn’t sleep on the comfy bed. But there was a futon in the living room, so we slept there and listened to the waves. You can find the condo we stayed in HERE.

We spent the morning out on the beach right in front of us, swimming around and enjoying the beach. Ryan saw his first sea turtle (a big guy too) swim by us and we both got our first reef scratches, ha ha!

My sexy husband enjoying the beach
Me swimming
The view down the beach

After lunch we headed to my favourite resort that I have yet to ever stay in; The Turtle Bay in Kahuku. My mum has been taking us to the cove at this resort for years. She even had her second wedding at the Sunset Room in the resort and it’s where we like to eat when we stay on the north shore.

We did a loop around the place and I showed Ryan all the places that he saw on Forgetting Sarah Marshall (one of my favourite movies).

Ryan in front of the “yoga studio” from Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Honeymooners enjoying a walk around the resort
Ryan enjoying his vacation in a hammock
“Sitting in a hammock with my baby, watching the sea roll by!”
Hello gecko!

All in all, day one was an amazing, relaxing day.

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