On Day 2 we headed to Sea Life Park on the east side of Oahu because Ryan and I had booked a session to swim underwater with the sharks!

We got there just in time to enjoy the dolphin show and watch the world’s only wolphin. A killer whale/dolphin. This show brought me back to the days when I wanted to be a marine biologist. Before I realized you need to be good at science. Ha ha!

Our session wasn’t until 3 p.m. so we enjoyed the park all day. It wasn’t huge, but had a lot of cool things to offer.

sea turtles
Ryan and sea turtles

When we reported to the activity centre for our swimming with the sharks, they told us they had  a malfunction with the equipment and they couldn’t take us under with the sharks.  They offered to upgrade us to the dolphin encounter which includes petting and kissing a dolphin. I was beyond excited but Ryan was disappointed, he really wanted to swim with the sharks.


smoochy, smoochy
I have always wanted to hang with a dolphin
Yup, I licked a dolphin. He was salty.

That evening Ryan and I went on a relaxing walk on the beach.

On a beach walk
Enjoying the view
sun going down over the ocean
I love the waves on the shore

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