One must-do item on our vacation itinerary was hiking to Laie Falls. I did this hike with my sister Leilani in 2008 and I had to share this experience with Ryan.

This is about a 10 mile round trip hike and the incline isn’t too bad.

Ryan always starts our hikes off with a cigarette. Ha!

Park at the football field or the cricket field and head through the gates onto that dirt road.

After you turn off the trail toward the falls  you have some scrambling to do to go down to the falls. Proceed cautiously, there are ropes to help you but it is slippery, narrow and steep.

When you get to the falls, this is your view:

This is an amazing hike and took us about 3 hours in total and that was with hanging out and swimming under the falls.

And don’t forget not to pick the local’s coconuts. Ha ha!

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