It was hard to believe how fast our honeymoon went. When we first arrived it seemed like we had a lot of time and all of a sudden it was over.

We had only gotten to surf once because we were so busy so this was our last chance to try to catch a wave. It didn’t go well, neither of us did catch a wave but I enjoyed my time on the water big time. Ryan felt it was a waste of time (he doesn’t get the zen of surfing I guess). But we did get a bunch of fun shots on the beach.

I had to have an old school surf shot of Ryan


Ryan paddling out
Me paddling out

After this not so successful surf session, we dropped off the boards and hung out/showered on Kualoa Beach. 

My sexy husband at Kualoa Beach
Chinamans Hat
Practising my crane
The happy honeymooners

It was a wonderful week and a great way to unwind after the pressures of the wedding.

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