Waterton two days in a row? Best weekend ever!!

This weekend was an Alberta Bloggers Retreat in Waterton and several local bloggers who I follow were in my favourite place!

After seeing that I hiked Bertha Falls with the kids a mere 45 minutes after a group of the bloggers did, Ashley (of Adventure to Anywhere) PM’d me on Instagram to join them Sunday morning for a hike up Bear’s Hump. This was my chance to meet all these ladies I’ve been following in some form or another for years!

Hikers included (check out their blogs- they rock):

I met them at the trailhead and I recognized Jo from a distance because of her blue Mizuno’s which I thought was funny. Kaella and Becky had their little boys with them so they took off on a head start.

I was actually a little nervous about doing Bear’s Hump at it was my first hike with any sort of climbing since the stupid foot injury but my foot wasn’t an issue at all which was so nice.

I could definitely tell how out of shape I was because I huffed and puffed as I tried to keep up with Jo and Kris, it may have been the fastest I have ever gone up Bear’s Hump which was great! But I was a little embarrassed being with some of my blogging idols and huffing and puffing like I had asthma.

When we got to the top the wind was HOWLING, though that’s not a big surprise for Waterton. One of my favourite things about doing things with bloggers is that they totally understand the need for a ton of photos! Kris, Jo, and I snapped away while we waited for the other ladies.

I was beyond impressed that Kaella’s 3 year old, London, walked the entire way up! That is NOT an easy feat! And Becky carried her son, Liam on her shoulders on the way up (an extra 35 pounds).

The boys were not too impressed with the view as the wind and cold freaked them out. So we snapped a quick group photo before heading back down.

After the hike, I headed to Pearl’s for a much needed catch up session with Kierstyn where I ordered a large gluten free, cheese-less pizza with a million toppings and I ate THE WHOLE THING in a two hour period! Yikes!!

Bloggers Are A Special Breed

When I said goodbye to everyone I was thinking about how sweet and nice each lady was. But when you think about it, bloggers share their lives with strangers online so it only makes sense that they are open and caring people in real life. Everyone said they want to come back next summer to experience Red Rock Canyon and I hope they do!

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