As you may have read in my summary blog about my Adventures in Crowsnest Pass you know that we did not get to hike to the Dakota Plane Crash Site like I wanted to. We spent an hour and 15 minutes driving around on off road terrain (my car rocked!) until we gave up and decided to try another hike.  We wanted something moderate but short as were quickly burning daylight so we settled on Saskatoon Mountain a 1.2km hike each way that was rated moderate.

When we pulled up and started on the trail head I was less than impressed. I was really looking forward to the plane crash site and was in a bad mood that we didn’t get to do that. I was furious when we started and saw what Saskatoon Mountain looked like.

The map said to follow the fence line up but we decided to follow the service road for a bit and swing around in order to make the hike a little longer. I’m glad we did because we came down by the fence line and it was so steep! So along the service road we started.

I was NOT happy by the start of our hike

After walking along the service for a road, we veered left through the growth and started ascending the “mountain.”

Up we go

Now, the whole time I was complaining about this hike. I kept calling it lame and stupid and kept saying I was going to go back to the car. I would plop my butt down every 10 minutes and sit and would say “I’m in no hurry to get to the top of this lame mountain.” I really was a major pest!

Sitting and sulking because this wasn’t the hike I wanted.

But when we got to the top, even I had to admit the view was still pretty.

While taking pictures, my boyfriend Ryan got down on one knee.

Yup. He proposed!!!

Now THAT turned around my mood! For awhile anyway. On the way back down it was really steep and I just wanted to get to my phone in the car to call my family and friends. So I started complaining again about how lame the hike was. Ha ha ha!

Cows in our way. Ryan was scared! I had to go first and shoo them out of the way!

Saskatoon Mountain will now always have good memories for me, and one hell of a funny proposal story.

The hikers!

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