Star Creek Falls in Crowsnest Pass is a short hike that offers big adventure. I usually stick to hiking in Waterton as it’s closest, but I’ve been enjoying branching out to Castle Park and Crowsnest Pass. Recently, Cat and I took our kids to do some waterfall hunting.

Because Crowsnest is two hours away (versus Waterton being one), I opted to camp in Crowsnest Pass for a night with the boys. This way we only had to do the drive once each day and, we got to camp! Always a good time. We took my Aunt’s camper van to the Lundbreck Falls campground and spend a fantastic afternoon and evening by the water.

In the morning we loaded up and went to the Star Creek Falls trailhead. The Alltrails app gives you a loop to do, but we just wanted the falls. If you follow the trail next to the creek, you’ll be at the falls before you know it!

The creek trail is really pretty and has some fun spots to stop and explore.

Don’t cross any bridges, stay on the west side of the creek until you approach the lower falls. From there you will need to cross the creek to head towards the falls.

This is the fun part! There is a chain embedded into the rock so hikers can climb to the top and continue on to Star Creek Falls. Cat’s kids made it up in two seconds, and with their help, we got Ty up pretty fast too. Gus (the dog) was not keen on climbing up the rock wall. It took some effort, but eventually we got him up.

It’s a short walk from there to the gorgeous falls! Cat said it had a tropical, Hawaiian waterfall vibe to it.

Ty is like a cat, he hates being wet. So as soon as we got to the falls, he started to cry because he didn’t like spray from the falls.

Cat and Olive were brave and got under the falls for a bit of a cold plunge and an epic picture.

There isn’t anywhere around the falls to comfortable sit and Logan wanted to throw rocks and Ty needed to get away from the spray. So we walked back downstream to a perfect flat area for the kids to play.

After the kids were bored of the area, we started to head back for the lower falls and I was mentally trying to figure out the safest way to get Ty down. Going up is always easier than going down.

But it didn’t take much to figure out that Cat could walk Ty down the rock and then I just had to come down with Logan on my back. It did take us awhile and we held up a couple of hikers as we took our group down slowly and safely.

As we walked back to the vehicles, I was happy with our outing. Everyone had fun, we got in a memorable adventure, and both boys passed out on the drive home.

It was a perfect day!

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