Cat and I have been talking of going to Huckleberry Festival for years. This year we decided it was time to actually go and when we saw that it started Friday it was perfect! I was leaving for Great Falls on Saturday morning with the family so on Friday afternoon ,we loaded her car up with our kiddos and headed west.

We were nervous about the smoke because in Magrath it was super smokey,, but we checked the webcams and the ski hill area was showing blue skies. But as we go closer to the mountains we wondered what was going on. We got through Beaver Mines and it was still smoky and we began to wonder if Castle was tricking us with fake webcam photos. Ha ha!

But just as we got to the Syncline area, the smoke started to dissipate and it was clear when we hit the base of the mountain. We got out and bundled up as it was a little chilly and with buckets in hand headed to the resort.

I thought it was strange that as we walked up there were only workers around and they were setting up signs. I asked if the washrooms were open and the guy said they were and they were just getting set up. Cat and I were confused because on the website they said they were selling lift tickets starting Friday at 10:30 a.m. When we reread the itinerary we noticed that the chair didn’t open until Saturday; we came a day too early! AH!

I had been on Syncline a couple of times this past winter, once for cross-country skiing and once for snowshoeing, and I always thought it would be good for kids. It was because the terrain was flat, there were sticks everywhere, and even better, no one else was around.

TyTy really likes being carted around int he baby carrier, but he wanted those kids in his sight the whole time! If we passed them or I turned around and he couldn’t see them, he would get fussy. So I kept telling them “Quick! Run ahead so he can see you!” Ha ha!

We didn’t go far, just the short River Loop. We stopped to throw rocks and sticks in the river.

TyTy was fascinated by the water, it was so much fun to watch his head going all over as he tried to take in all his surroundings.

It was a great day out and next year we are actually going to get on the chair to go up and pick berries! Ha ha!

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