I first learned about Homestead Crater while watching the travel channel (back when I still had cable) two years ago with Ryan. I immediately texted my brother and sister in law (who live in SLC area) and told them we have to go there on my next visit. It’s located in Midway, Utah, about an hour from SLC and it was a great way to ring in the new year on January 1!

I’m taking a few photos from the Craters Facebook Page because it was so steamy/foggy when we went the pictures weren’t that great.

How amazing is this shot?
How amazing is this shot? (From the Crater’s FB page)

The Crater is a geothermal spring, hidden within a 55-foot tall, beehive-shaped limestone rock located on the Homestead property. The hole at the top of the dome lets in sunlight and fresh air while the interior stays heated by the mineral water at a constant range of 90 – 96 degrees Fahrenheit.

What we couldn’t believe is that it didn’t stink like sulphur like most hot springs. I even accidentally got water in my mouth and there was no taste or anything. It also wasn’t TOO hot like many hot springs can be.

The Crater is owned by Homestead Resort so you have to pay to use it. But what’s cool is that the resort offers snorkels and diving equipment/lessons because the water is so deep!

You’re required to wear a life jacket which is a good thing because it’s so much easier to float around than tread water for an hour, the pool is DEEP. Another reason a lifejacket is important is because right under the water line, the cave juts out a bit creating a shelf. I could see how someone diving around would come up for air and get stuck underneath that shelf.

As you can see, the fog made a clear photo impossible! Note the diver.
As you can see, the fog made a clear photo impossible! Note the diver.

We had a snorkel we shared and took turns swimming around the crater. There’s not a lot to look at deep down (except the divers) but seeing the rock formations on the side of the crater was pretty cool so I would suggest renting one snorkel ($5) and sharing it with your group.

Also, try to schedule a time that won’t have too many people. The resort takes reservations to ensure the crater doesn’t fill up too much (it’s not very big) but by the time we left, there were so many people coming in they ran out of life jackets.

The worst part about the crater is getting out and having to change in those teeny tiny change rooms that are right next to the door. The door was constantly being opened and blasts of cold air shot through the change rooms. It’s one of the fastest I’ve ever changed.

Overall, my brother and sister in law were already making plans to come back with some friends and my husband is set on going back and trying it out for himself. I would like to go in the summer when there is no steam so I can enjoy the cave a bit more.

So if you are ever in Utah, even within 2 hour drive of Midway, Utah you have to go and experience this crater. It’s awesome!

Floating in a crater!
Floating in a crater!


Soak, Swim, or Snorkel

Weekdays $11 ~ Weekends/Holidays $16

Snorkeling equipment: $5

Scuba Experience

A one-hour scuba diving introduction with equipment included. $100

Scuba Dive

Certified divers- Weekdays  $22 ~ Weekends $27

Rental equipment: $25, Tank only: $7.50

Scuba Certification

Starting at $395 per person.

 SUP Yoga

They also offer SUP yoga classes! It’s not on their website, but I saw a poster for it in the activity centre. That’s something I would love to try out! Especially in the winter time!

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