I think I’ve figure out a way to balance life a bit! At least for the next three weeks until I start student teaching and then I’ll have to adjust to a whole new schedule again. In class last week we spent some time discussing how we were feeling in the top four areas of wellness; physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. I’m not a spiritual person but my prof told us that it didn’t have to fall into the church, praying, higher being category but it had to be what made us feel whole and at peace. I realized for me, that’s getting out into the mountains and spending time outdoors.

This realization made me resolve to get out to Waterton at least every other weekend and I found a genius way to do it. I do anywhere form 3-4 hours of homework every Sunday and I like to go into Lethbridge to Starbucks to drink a lot of coffee and have no distractions. Instead, I went to Vimy’s Lounge & Grill in Waterton and spend a couple hours doing homework there. When I was finished- ta da! I’m in the mountains and now I have time to hike and explore. How perfect of a plan is this?

Ryan came with me this Sunday and we made a day-date out of it which was really fun. First off, I forgot how GOOD Vimy’s breakfasts are! And Ryan and I sat there drinking coffee for hours while we both worked on our homework (he’s taking an evening course at the college this year).

Bears Hump

Once we were done we opted to hit Bears Hump for a hike. Cameron Lake Road is still closed and I had no idea that Red Rock road was still open! I noticed it on our way out of town- next Sunday for sure!

Ryan is not a hiker. Period. He does it once in awhile to humour me and it has to be short and even then I hear about how “his ankles hurt,” “his feet are cold,” “his back is tight,” etc., etc. I like to take photos of him looking miserable.

Not happyIt was a super windy day (no surprise there) so when we got to the top the wind was howling. Even posing for a picture was difficult as I had to brace myself against the push of the wind. It was like someone was pushing on my back trying to get me to fall over. We couldn’t really chat due to the wind and headed back down the trail fairly quickly.

On non-windy days, it would be fun to bring up a pair of binoculars and see what I can spy from this amazing vantage point,

Beautiful rainbow on the way down

Linnet Lake

After Bears Hump I forced Ryan to do the 1km loop around Linnet Lake. This part of the park is sheltered from the wind so there was still beautiful yellow leaves on the trees.

When we left the park I felt refreshed and relaxed and feel ready to take on this week! I already can’t wait for next week’s homework. I’ll have to leave Ryan at home with the kids so methinks a trail run to Bertha Falls is in the cards.  Or hell! Maybe I’ll go to Crowsnest Pass or something.


6 thoughts on “Homework and Hiking- Bears Hump & Linnet Lake

  1. It’s so beautiful there in Alberta! I hear you guys already have snow. I’m in Toronto and I’m eagerly awaiting 🙂 I look forward to reading future posts from you! I’m new to your blog.

    1. Hi Linda! Thanks for commenting and welcome to my blog. 🙂 We had a huge snowstorm roll in on Thanksgiving but it melted over the course of the week. I was bummed because I do love snow!

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