I’m a genius! This homework and hiking idea is perfect and just what I needed! I only wish I’ve been doing this all semester.

On Sunday I headed out to Waterton to spend a pleasant 2.5 hours at Vimy’s Lounge & Grill drinking coffee and doing homework.

Earlier in the week I read a great article on things you can do to make life less hectic and one of the suggestions was to make time to socialize at least once a week. I’ve been notoriously neglecting my friends and the only way to socialize was for someone to join me and luckily Rachelle was able to meet the demand!

She joined me in Waterton when I was done studying and we did a quick but much needed jaunt up to lower Bertha Falls.

I just love this time of year when just the tops of the mountains are dusted in snow.

As we approached the falls some hikers warned us there was a bear sighted just up the trail from the falls. We weren’t planning on going to the lake so it was no worry but I love how hikers look out for each other like that.

We were at the falls all too soon!

To stretch out our experience and enjoy time together, we stopped at a couple places just downstream from the falls.

We climbed a up the top of a tiny waterfall and chatted about school, work, and life.

The highlight of the day was stopping at the scenic viewpoint for photos. We used Rachelle’s camera and it would do 10 pictures in a row. We were taken by surprise the first time, but the second time we had some fun with it.

We laughed SO HARD!After we said our goodbyes and headed home I noticed what looked like a castle turret at the top of the tree line in the woods just outside the park boundary. I was too curious and headed up the gravel road find this mystery castle. It turns out there is an acreage development on the park boundary and this is the first house being built.

I think it’s too big to be a house house, and it looks a mini Prince of Wales,  I’m thinking it’s going to be a B&B. Whatever it is, I only wish I could afford a lot in this area! So gorgeous and so close to the park!

Thank you Everygirl for reminding me that I NEED to schedule in some socializing for my own well being!

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