I was pretty stoked when I ran into Blakiston & Company owner Mike and he told me he wanted me to join a team of brand ambassadors known as the A-Team! Waterton Lakes National park is a small community and if you work there or visit enough you’ll get to know everyone and I love going and chatting people up.

The A-Team is a collaboration of adventurers who Blakiston is bringing together to share stories, product reviews, hike reviews, expeditions, travel reviews, videos, interviews and more.

Current members of the A-Team

Me! Click here to read my ambassador profile.

Erika & Jenny (Peaks & Paddles)

Nikora Smith

Tayt Low

Blakiston is closed for the season but be sure to pop by next year. In the meantime, check out this awesome promo video!

Pretty cool eh? Ha ha! Couldn’t resist!

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