I have SO MANY pins about how to embrace hygge as part of my lifestyle. It’s such a trendy term, but I think it’s popular for a reason- dark and cold winters are hard on the psyche! Even me, a snow lover, struggles when it’s too windy, cold or dark to get outside and I’m stuck inside. I am anything BUT a homebody so bunkering down with the two babies hasn’t been fun at all. Even with the warm winter, I’m going stir crazy! I figured I would share how I practice a hygge lifestyle with you if you want to try some of them.

P.S. What’s hygge? Have you been living under a rock? This Danish word (pronounced “hoo-ga”) basically means a feeling of cozy contentment and well-being through enjoying simple things.

Soft and Cozy Blankets

I bought a couple super soft throw blankets for the couch and I always have my super sot bed blanket in the wintertime too.

The softest clothes possible!

Tynan was born in the spring so I tried to still dress cute every day in dresses, shorts, and tanks. But it’s the middle of winter so I am in all the sweats!!! I went to Marshalls and Value Village and stocked up on soft leggings, sweatpants, sweaters, and sweatshirts.

Good Coffee

I knew that I would need lots of coffee and driving 30 minutes into town for a strong espresso just isn’t in the cards. Luckily, I’m a former barista so I bought a simple at home espresso machine, stocked up on syrups, and bought a double insulated, covered coffee mug. My mug keeps my coffee hot for up to 4 hours.


My candles are more for the scent than the cozy factor, but candle light always feels nice on a cold winter night. But with two sets of diapers and two dogs, my house smells. I’ll admit it. I can clean, vacuum, sweep, and do laundry until the cows come home but when it’s too cold to air out the house, candles are a necessity to make my house smell nice. I stick to the sweet smells like vanilla, cookies, hazelnut, anything that has a baking smell to it.


I’ve wanted an electric fireplace for years but always put it off because it was a want and not a need. I watched local buy and sell listings for years trying to find a used one with no luck.

When I knew this baby was coming in January it was no longer it was a want, it was a need. And lo and behold, I’m in Costco one day and see a big beautiful wall mounted fireplace for only $250. A wall mounted one was important because I didn’t want my littles being able to touch or play with it.

Air Popped Popcorn

Speaking of baking, I spent my pregnancy baking warm, gooey chocolate chip cookies on a regular basis. Mmmmm… but now that I’m trying to lose the baby weight and get back into a healthy eating habit, air popped popcorn is my cozy evening snack of choice. I like to pair it with a flavoured sparkling water.

All the reality TV!

Most people say the key to a hygge lifestyle is a good book. But as a sleep deprived mother I DO NOT have the mental capacity to read a good book. First off, I am constantly interrupted by the babies needs so I can’t get into a book unless they’re sleeping. And really, I love the escapism of the Real Housewives franchises! Thanks to Hayu TV, I can put on my cozy sweats, snuggle under a blanket, and enjoy popcorn while watching my light and sillyTV.

Trying to enjoy the coziness and practicing a hygge lifestyle is helping me get through this ‘house arrest’ but I am definitely looking forward to warm weather and getting outside with these boys more!

How do you practice a hygge lifestyle?

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