I had the greatest compliment ever about a month back. A friend was telling me how at a party of mutual acquaintances people started talking about me and how I “actually do stuff.” Since being told that I have thought a lot about it because in my mind I don’t do enough. I have never travelled outside North America,  I haven’t biked across the country, or gone scuba diving, or hiked in the rain forest.

I do make the best with what I have though. Even in Seattle, on weekends I would drag my sisters on adventures nearby. I can’t help it, there is a reason my mantra is “Life isn’t worth living without adventure.” I have to go!

So I thought I would share some tips based on what I do. I am very fortunate to have the mountains only an hour drive away from me.


I can’t stress this one enough. You will never have any adventures stuck indoors.

Find out what is around you

Check out local blogs, magazines and websites to learn what activities are in your area. Make a list so when you feel restless you can pick something from the list and go.

Live in a City? GET OUT OF IT!

Drive until you hit country, stop at a local gas station and ask about hiking trails or local activities. I  was a little lucky in Seattle because there were beaches and lakes and walking trails in the City. But it doesn’t feel the same as being out in the middle of nowhere.

Go to bed early

Okay, I have gotten a lot of flack for being the first person to leave social gatherings and for not drinking a lot. Last  summer I was told I was missing out on life by not partying with my friends. But the next day I hiked to Crypt Lake in Waterton and it was one of the most incredible hikes of my life. I feel that while I was out in the mountains and that individual was sleeping off his hangover that he was the one missing out on life. It’s hard to be adventurous when you are tired and hung over.

Buy the equipment

When I wanted to start snowboarding I went out and spent $400 on gear. When I wanted to start hiking I spent $100 on hiking shoes. I find when I invest in the activity I am more likely to do it because I don’t want my hard earned money to go to waste.

Find active friends

If you have couch potato friends, odds are you won’t be able to talk them in to going on a random adventure. Find some active friends who are up for anything.

Just go!

So it’s a beautiful day, you have an activity in mind but you can’t find anyone to come with you. Just go by yourself. I have done many hikes on my own because I wasn’t about to sit at home. Bring music and take off. Make sure someone knows where you are going (just in case).

Don’t be afraid

My episode of Make it Happen hasn’t aired yet and sometimes I wonder what people think. I mean, what person goes on a random reality TV show? But I got to kayak in an amazing setting with an Olympic medalist kayaker. That once in a lifetime experience is something I will remember forever. It was scary and the night before my flight I was wondering why I do the crazy things I do, but I got over my fear and had a wonderful time.

So there you have my tips for local adventurous living. If I had money I can only imagine the adventures I would go on.

So what do you do? What’s your favourite local adventure?

2 thoughts on “How to Live an Adventurous Life (When You Aren’t Rich)

  1. Love it! Simple tips….yet effective. As an impoverished adventurer, when people ask me how they can get out in the world, I just tell them to just DO IT and stop letting their fears dictate their actions.
    Happy adventures!

    1. I totally agree with Aaron.Life is full of surprises and adventures.If you stay indoor you’ll never had a chance to see it.Don’t be afraid and go!I love your tips.Amazing and useful.Good-luck to your next adventures!

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