I wanted to share how to use a checklist to establish healthy habits. Using a checklist has really helped me during this pregnancy. It started off with me forgetting to take my prenatal vitamins every day so I had to find a way to remember this crucial task.

Handwritten Checklists

I started off making a personal Daily Habit Tracker based on some awesome hand drawn ones I found on Pinterest.

This worked really well and I added extra items like drinking 3L of water per day, green smoothie, nighttime skincare, walking, and reading. As a Type A control freak, I enjoy checking off each item so much that these tasks become a priority.

But I hated having to draw the table. And often I would leave the notebook somewhere and forget to record what I finished that day.

Checklist Apps

I decided to find an app instead since my phone is always on me, and really I’m always on my phone. I’m anticipating a lot of time glued to the couch snuggling babies which means I’ll be playing on my phone a lot.

Enter the free and simple app Habit (this is not a sponsorship or partnership). It is super simple and allows you to set reminders for your habits as well.

It then keeps track of the percentage of your habits which is also a challenge for a Type A personality.

Now that I am sleep deprived and caring for two littles I have added the most basic things like ‘brush teeth’ and ‘moisturize face’ to my list!

Any new habits you plan to establish in the new year?

Do you use checklists to establish healthy habits? 

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