I couldn’t stay away! Earlier this summer I was in the throes of extreme early pregnancy sickness (surprise!) and my website host tripled the cost of hosting. At that point, I couldn’t deal with the sickness, work, and Tynan; and adding on the blog and the cost made it seem like I was done with that chapter of my life. So I said goodbye, changed my Instagram name and took the pressure of fitting the blogger mold off my shoulders.

But a couple things brought me back.

I missed writing!

I missed writing so bad! I like recapping my misadventures (and do I ever have a doozy for you from earlier in the summer) and I like writing about my efforts to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I looked at picking up some freelance writing jobs but that meant writing about what someone else told me to, writing in a different style, and meeting deadlines. YIKES!

We need more ‘real’ bloggers.

Blogging will never be my full-time job. I won’t be followed around by a photographer to take photos of my outfits, workouts, vacations, etc. I don’t get sent tons of free stuff that I’ll encourage you all to go out and spend your hard-earned dollars on. And I live in a very small house, so you won’t see photos and videos of me from my perfectly designed mansion talking about how tough managing it all can be. I’m a substitute teacher married to a construction worker in a small town trying to live the best life possible.

Along those lines….

We need more ‘bad’ mommy bloggers!

I follow a lot of mommy bloggers for inspiration. They are sweet, well-meaning women, but man do they set the bar high! From the outfits their kids wear, to the well decorated homes, to the natural products and unprocessed foods they use. I have NO TIME or ENERGY for all that! Particularly while being pregnant and working- I am in survival mode here. My son is 18 months and still goes to bed with a milk bottle, I buy store bought baby food, he doesn’t get veggies every day, and I sometimes call him names when he’s pissing me off. And I’m fine with it all! I want to share all that so no one judges themselves for not meeting crazy high standards.

Those are just a few of my initial thoughts. At the end of the day this blog will always be dedicated to living your best life and I will always link that to time outside, healthy eating, and fitness. There’s just so much more that requires your focus the older you get.

Posts will now focus on how to manage everything and live your best life possible. Because let’s face it, that’s what life is all about; growth, love, and enjoyment.

On a side note, I was able to salvage my past nine years of posts but the photos have to be manually inserted into each post! Yeesh! I’m setting a goal to insert photos for one page of posts per day which means in 72 days, all my posts will have photos again. YIKES!