If you’ve been following this blog long, you know that I am a wannabe distance runner. My background is in sprinting (100 and 200 metres) but I’ve plodded through many 5ks and some half marathons in my adult life. I was training for my first full marathon in 2019 when I found out I was pregnant weeks before the race. Not wanting to strain my body, I dropped out and almost three years later, I’m training for a marathon again!

I found training with my brother, Bruce, kept me on track so I’m doing the same thing now.

He and I have signed up for the Deseret News Marathon in Salt Lake City on July 30, 2022.

I’ve also signed up for the Rocky Mountain Soap Women’s Half marathon in Canmore in May.

Starting from square one

I have gone on maybe four or five runs in the last two years since having Logan. My activity level has been dismal. I am starting from the absolute beginning here. This is why I’m glad we signed up so early.

I’m currently easing into it running two miles at a time. I need to get my joints used to the impact of running again, my lungs need to get used to working like that, and I need to wrap my head around the running mindset.

Speaking of my joints, I’m also looking into the right supplements to take now to prepare my body for training. Last time, I didn’t stretch enough and I had extreme pain in my Achilles tendon. This time around I need to make it a priority.

Winter Running

I’m also going to take on the one thing I swore I would never do- train outside! With all the COVID restrictions, I prefer to run outside on my own time, maskless. But this will mean braving the extreme wind and cold of a Southern Alberta winter!

Because Salt Lake City is a higher elevation than Magrath, I’m hoping to do my long runs in the spring in Waterton which is almost the same elevation.

I’m trying to prepare myself, I stocked up on Mizuno’s line of Breath Thermo® gear. Breath Thermo® turns your perspiration into body warming heat, a must have on the long, cold, windy run.

The FZ jacket is incredible! I was surprised because it’s as light as a windbreaker but keeps you so warm on your runs!

Gearing Up

As I said, I’m stocked up with winter gear!


Mizuno WaveRider GTX shoes paired with the Breath Thermo racer mid socks.


It’s all about layers!

  • Waterproof 20K ER jacket



Breath Thermo

I also have a pair of traction spikes, they’re not state of the art but they will hopefully help.

Running with a Stroller 

Another added obstacle to my winter training is the fact that I’ll be pushing a double stroller with 70 pounds worth of kids most of the time. Until Ryan recovers enough from his back surgery to pick the boys up, they have to go wherever I go and that includes out to pull pavement.

Wish me luck!

Does anyone have any tips for motivation? For winter running?

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