I wanted to dedicate a post to my indoor surfing adventure at Flowrider in Ogden, Utah because it’s helpful for folks to know what they are going into and the new Crossings Complex in Lethbridge is going to have a Flowrider! I can’t wait to take my step kids when it’s open!

Anyway, we all went into it thinking we would be okay. I snowboard, Bruce snowboards and used to skate, and Caroline wakeboards but all three of us were going down fast and hard. You had the option of starting off on a boogie board which I think we should have done just to get a feel for the wave simulator.

After our first couple of hard falls the lifeguard came over and would reel us out on a rope. This gave us a chance to get our balance on the wave before letting go.

By the end we were getting a little better at it and lasting for 20-30 seconds before falling.

That night our necks were a bit sore and Caroline may have had a mild concussion- she had a headache, inability to focus, slight dizziness. But the next day was brutal! My neck hurt along the front and each side! We were all rubbing Icy Hot all over our necks and downing ibuprofen.

Despite the neck pain, I would highly recommend this activity to everyone! If the surfing seems daunting, try the boogie board. We had a man in his 60s who was trying it out for the first time and he was rocking on that boogie board and didn’t wipe out and hurt himself at all.

Here are a beginner few tips before you go indoor surfing:

Wear a one piece and board shorts

I only had a bikini packed because I didn’t know we were doing this. I put a tank top over it and borrowed a pair of Bruce’s shorts but even then I was having to hold down my top when I wiped out.

Remember to tuck in your chin

Bruce fell a lot better than Caroline and I. He always remembered to tuck in his chin whereas she and I would fall and our heads would snap back and slam into the floor.

Opt for the helmet

We had the option to wear a helmet but declined because we thought we would look stupid. But knowing what I know now I would HIGHLY recommend the helmet to beginners! Save your head! Don’t be an idiot and worry about how you look.

Keep your weight on your back foot

Watching the experts in the other lane we could see that they put almost no weight in the front foot. I had a problem with my board turning on me and I think my weight on the front foot is part of that.

Remember to laugh at yourself

There was one guy there in his 30s who took a couple hard falls and then sat off pouting the rest of the hour. Don’t go into it with an ego, know that you aren’t going to pick it up and ride like an expert in your first session.

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