Just a short post to update my readers who may not follow my social media accounts that I found out on Monday that I’ll be having a baby boy! I was overjoyed no matter what the gender, but knowing it’s a boy makes it so much more real.

Now I can picture my baby; what he’ll be wearing, the toys he’ll want, the activities/sports he’ll likely play.

My youngest brother Ben was like a kid of my own. I cared for him as a baby and took him everywhere with me when I was a teen and he was a little boy. I taught him to snowboard, we went on biking and beach adventures, and now I get to have a new adventure buddy.

I also have this vision of what he will be like as an adult. I picture us kind of like this:

Just a B.A. mother and her son!

Ha ha! Anyway, now I know and I have three long months to wait until he gets here!

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