I have been very open about how tired I am ALL THE TIME since Logan was born. I had the typical postpartum exhaustion (paired with depression), and now I have your typical “busy working mom who gets woken up every night” exhaustion paired with “marathon training” to create a perfect storm of pure exhaustion. 

Right before I tried Javy, I was getting into my 2000s habit of relying on Red Bull to get me through the day- not good. 

What is Javy?

Javy is a specialty, highly concentrated coffee, so concentrated that you only require 1-2 teaspoons of it. Yes, TEASPOONS! Due to its high concentration you can extract around 30x coffee brews from one little bottle. 

How Do You Drink Javy?

Javy has a number of different recipes for ways to consume the microdose coffee. I personally like to either make an iced almond milk latte, put it in a smoothie, or even drop some into a cup of regular coffee when I’m craving a hot cup. 

My Thoughts

I’ll be honest, I was very skeptical when I made my first iced latte with Javy. I typically drink 6-8 cups of coffee to make it through the day, so microdosing my coffee sounds like a terrible idea. Was I ever wrong!

For the first time I had energy to go throughout the entire day! I would put in 406 hours of work, clean the house, run, and still be able to make dinner and chase the kids. Normally, I would be unable to move after 4pm. 

I’ve even tested it to see if it’s a placebo thing, but I always notice that I can go until 8pm on Javy days versus non-Javy days. I’m 100% sold on this and am trying to get everyone I know to drink javy too, especially the exhausted mamas!

Get 15% off your first order!

As I said, I am a dedicated Javy drinker and am looking at joining their subscription club so that Inever have to go without it.  

Use the code BETTERLIVIN for 15% off your first order! Just try it and I would be shocked if you don’t notice the difference Javy makes over regular coffee. 


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