On the August Long Monday, Ryan stayed home with the baby so I could go to Waterton with Cat and Jenn for paddle boarding. “Wait- but your title says kayaking?” We got to Blakiston & Company at 3 p.m. and they were completely booked out until 6 p.m. at the earliest. We were completely bummed and didn’t know what to do as we came in flip flops. The worker suggested we try Pat’s because they now rent kayaks so we headed to Pat’s hoping that some kayaks were available.

Luckily, they had kayaks! Phew! We opted to each rent our own rather than trying a double kayak. We hauled them across the street and down to the docks on the lake so excited to be off.

Jenn was super nervous and the water was a little choppy because of the evening wind. In the beginning I was laughing so hard at her yelling and anxiety over the thought of going in.

But as we paddled along, she got the hang of it and we headed off to pass the Prince of Wales and head into Middle Waterton Lake.

Jenn and I really had to pee, so we pulled up on the beach across the way from the Prince of Wales and hit the bush quickly.

We paddled out and along the south coast of Middle Waterton Lake enjoying the views and how good it felt to be on the water.

This was before the smoke rolled in too so our views of Vimy were unobstructed.

By the time we turned around, Jenn felt like a pro and we quickly made it across and back to the dock.

After returning the kayaks, we hit Trapper’s to scarf down lettuce wrapped burgers and sweet potato fries.

It was so great to get out with Jenn as she has been recovering from two knee surgeries over the last couple years.

Any time with these two make for a great day!


So if you want a paddle board in Waterton. be sure to go online and book ahead of time!

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