I never had any desire to go to Las Vegas. The thought of staying up late drinking and gambling never appealed to me but when my little brother wanted to go to Vegas for his 21st birthday with the siblings, my ticket was booked.

Allegiant Rant

I have to take a moment to talk about how disgusted I was with the airline Allegiant. They offer low fares out of Great Falls to Phoenix and Arizona. When booking your tickets you can pre-pay for your luggage and carry on- yes they charge for carry on. I was a little taken aback, but they’re low cost so whatever. When we were boarding our plane a minor travelling alone (he was between 14-16 years old) was told that he hadn’t prepaid for his carry on and would have to pay $50. The kid said he had $40 cash with him but that was all and he was told that they only take credit card and that’s how it is so he was ushered out of line as others boarded. This DID NOT sit well with me! How dare you demand a credit card from a minor? What was he going to do? So I offered to pay the $50 for his carry on so that he wouldn’t miss his flight. THEN I was told because he had a round trip ticket that it had to be prepaid for a total of $100. I asked to pay for the one way since his parents could pay for his luggage on the way back and I was told no. So I had to pay $100 so this kid wouldn’t get left behind.

I have a complaint in to them and am awaiting a response but that turned me right off. Savings or no savings, I will be booking my trips through another airline in the future.

Back to Vegas- Friday

We arrived Friday afternoon and after checking in at the Luxor (can’t believe I didn’t get any cool pics) we were ready to hit the strip! I remember people talking about food being cheap in Vegas but that has since changed. We went out for a buffet at the More buffet in the Luxor and at $23.99 a person I would exactly call it cheap. But it was delicious and there was so much to choose from!

I never laugh more than when I’m with my family.We stopped for our first drink/gamble at the Paris hotel. My brother Ben gambled for the first time and actually won $9 (we were on the penny slots). We also listened to some Motown which my mom really enjoyed.

Winner! Winner!After Paris we hit Bellagio and I was blown away by the beautiful Asian inspired gardens.

We also took in the water fountain show and revelled in the warm evening air.

It was funny because my sister Laura has stayed at the Bellagio before and got lost trying to get us to Caesar’s Palace to see the statues. We finally made it to Caesar’s and enjoyed the beautiful architecture of the hotel and took tons of photos.

Side note: One of my sisters Facebook friends reported this photo for “nudity”. Facebook chose not to remove it. Can you believe some people?

While we were at Caesar’s my incredible brother-in-law to be surprised us by booking us all tickets to see O by Cirq du Soleil. We were so excited! That hadn’t been on our itinerary because of everyone’s budgets so it was so exciting to go and see it.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vm11jzx7Ka0]
If you are in Vegas- spend the money to see this show it was incredible! All I could do was watch with my mouth hanging open thinking “how have I lived 30 years without ever seeing this???” It was so amazing, it had a magic to it that tugged at me from inside. Ok, enough being dramatic- just go see this show!


Saturday was a slow paced day. We went to Excalibur for a breakfast buffet and to buy tickets to the Tournament of Kings show for that evening. That show was what Ben wanted to do most and my hubby Ryan was pretty excited about it too.

We spent the afternoon hanging out by the pool (didn’t get any pics- I’m a bad blogger) and in the evening headed out to enjoy the strip a little more.  My siblings rode the roller coaster at New York, New York and I wanted to so badly but was feeling really sick from this sugary slushy drink I drank before. It took a whole bag of almonds and bottle of water to make the ache go away.

We started popping into shops and went into the Coca-Cola store where we got to take pictures with the Cola bear. It was an amazing costume that blinked and had several different expressions.

Saturday night finally came and we headed to the Tournament of Kings. Similar to Medieval Times we ate a “traditional” meal with our bare hands and watched the show.

My family all walked out of that show a little disappointed however. There wasn’t a lot of fighting (jousting, swordplay, etc) it was more about the play. It was short too, I believe not quite making the hour and a half mark. We all agreed that we should have done Cirq after this show because it lagged in comparison.

We had to go to bed early Saturday because our flight was at 7:30 am and Ryan and I had to be up at 5:30 a.m. I was so sad to leave! Two days was not even close to enough time and in the future I’ll stay for at least three.

I never had a desire to go to Vegas before but now that I’m dying to go back! But for now I can look forward to my next trip- Seattle for my sisters wedding!

Vegas- I’m hooked!Fashion

Let’s talk about my sense of fashion- or lack thereof. I have done a post or two wishing I could step up my game and of course I never do. While in Vegas I saw SO MANY cute outfits that I am just further motivated to get out from this black and navy “corporate” style I’ve been embracing of late and bust out into something flirty, fun and fashionable!!

8 thoughts on “Las Vegas Trip Recap

  1. I never really had any desire to go to Vegas either, but it’s one of those things you HAVE to experience. I’d go back, for sure!

    I’m on the fence with Allegiant – yeah, they have cheap flights, but they’re ALWAYS delayed. On my last trip, we were stuck on the runway for 2 hrs in 50C because the cockpit door wouldn’t close properly.

    1. It’s so funny because at first I was almost dreading the trip./ I tried to talk my fam into going to the Grand Canyon for a camping weekend instead but it was such a blast!

      Yeah- I was NOT happy with Allegient. The extra charges didn’t bother me because they are low-cost but turning away a minor travelling alone is too much!

    1. See that’s what I thought it was too! But between the hotels, the restaurants and the shows, there’s so much more! We were in bed before midnight every night actually. Ha ha!

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