What a fun and exhausting weekend! It was the Lethbridge Dragon Boat Festival and my second year racing. This year, I dragged my boyfriend and little brother into doing it with me. First off, both our morning races were early in the morning. We had to be up before seven both Saturday and Sunday- no bueno.

The only picture I have so far. I’ll post more as my teammates start sharing them.

Our times Saturday were:

  • First race- 2:41
  • Second race- 2:34

Our times Sunday were:

  • Semi Final Race- 2:31 (first place)
  • Final Race- 2:37 (3rd place)

So we wound up coming in third in ‘D’ division and winning a bronze medal. I would have been more stoked if we hadn’t lost by seven seconds to the Boys and Girls Club!!! That’s right, our adult team was destoyed by a group of pre-teens!  Mind you, their boat weighed half of everyone else’s… right? Ha!

But it was a great weekend with good music, food and vendors. And even though we got poured on all day Sunday, it was a good time. I’ll definitely be there next year, don’t know if my boyfriend and brother will be though. Ha ha.

I have GOT to stop going out in public without make up! Damn bf making me feel pretty without it. Lol!
Ben and I donned dragon tattoos for good luck
Enjoyed watching belly dancers
Enjoying live music on Saturday- the nice day


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