This post is long overdue but I want to talk about compression and what I’ve experienced using 2XU compression technology.

If you go to this 2XU article, it lists the many benefits of compression technology. Here is a brief recap (visit link to read the full article).

Recover better

Improving blood circulation provides more blood and oxygen to help reduce the markers of muscle damage more quickly.

Increased lactate cleara

Researchers isolated a trend towards a faster removal of lactic acid from the muscles and a reduced perceived effort when wearing the full-leg compression tights.

Less muscle damage during exercise

Muscle damage may be lessened by wearing compression garments, which is put down to compression decreasing vibration or excess movement in the muscles.


Better thermoregulation

The ability of the tights to regulate body temperature is due to the wicking ability of the fabric.

Recover maximum strength faster

A 2014 study found that trained men had a faster recovery of their one-repetition maximum for the chest press when they wore compression shirts after training – it went down from eight hours to three hours.

Keeps power up for sports

Bringing Light Into the Dark also found beneficial effects were offered by wearing compression clothing especially during intermittent high-intensity exercise, such as repeated sprinting and jumping.

Feel better after weight training

When wearing compression, studies show significant improvements for vitality, resting fatigue ratings, muscle soreness, and ultrasound measures of muscle swelling.

My Thoughts

I love how good I feel in compression clothing! I don’t have science to tell you why but I notice a big difference in muscle soreness when I wear my compression clothing and when I don’t.

I try to wear them on my heavy workout days when I have both a sprint workout and weights. I notice my muscles don’t get as fatigued or as tight or crampy as normal and I’m not nearly as sore after. I also LOVE to put on the Recovery tights the night after a workout. They are a bit looser than the rest of the compression gear but they’re tight enough that you feel your blood flowing in your legs and it just feels so good!


Here are my thoughts on the 2XU tights I was given to try:

ELITE MCS COMPRESSION TIGHTS– These are my go to tights for tough workouts. They have the most noticeable compression. They don’t sag while I sprint and I notice a lot less muscle soreness after weight training.

WOMEN’S RECOVERY COMPRESSION TIGHTS– I am obsessed with these! They go on every evening after a hard workout. I was told at the camp that sleeping in them would really help with my recover but I can’t sleep in restricted clothing. I need big, loose, flowy sweats to sleep in.

WOMEN’S COMPRESSION TIGHTS– These tights were a bit of a disappointment to me. I LOVED the design and the awesome blue colours but I found the crouch slips down when I’m running. Maybe it’s because I’m tall, but I only use these ones for weight lifting because it’s too annoying to be constantly pulling them up while running.

WOMEN’S 3/4 COMPRESSION TIGHTS- These are great for a hot day but I do notice my calves tighten up more on my sprint workouts because they aren’t benefiting from compression.

I have also used the compression shorts, socks, and calf sleeves but the tights were by far my favourite product and that’s probably because of the nature of my workouts, all running.


So where do you start?

I’ve told you the science behind compression, I’ve told you my experience and my favourite products so where do you go from here? Like anything worthwhile, compression technology is expensive. I would recommend starting off with the recovery tights and wearing them after hard workouts. Once you have a pair of those, get the Elite MCS Compression tights. Those two products alone will help you so much with your lower body soreness and performance.

Have you used compression gear? What was your experience? 

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