After a couple years of chronic foot pain, I finally went to the podiatrist to get things checked out. You can read the full account of how I hurt it HERE.  But to summarize, two years ago I kicked a chair wearing flip flops and broke and dislocated my pinky toe and needed 5 stitches. I was on crutches for almost 6 weeks. Seriously, SO EMBARASSING!

Anyhoo, every 6-8 months, I had been going to my doctor for cortisone shots and still had a painful bump sticking out the side of my foot that made it hard to wear snowboard boots, skates, heels, anything that’s a little tighter around the foot.

Here is the most recent x-ray:

Yeah….my joint did NOT heal properly. So the next step is surgery. The doctor will cut out the head of the join that is sticking out on the side of my foot and push the pinky toe bone back into place.

How gross is that? There is no cartilage and the bones have been rubbing against each other (hence the pain) and deforming each other.

I won’t be getting this done until next year as I am student teaching phys ed this semester and kind of need to be able to move around! It’s something to look forward to in 2018- please know I am being very sarcastic there.

Lesson learned? When you’re angry, you don’t kick things- you THROW things!


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