I am so lucky to have such a strong bond with every single one of my four siblings. When we get together, we laugh, play, tease each other and have a great time in general. They came up to see Logi and of course we squeezed in as many adventures as possible.

Magrath Cruising

Our first day started off with a lazy day at home with the babies. But my siblings are like me and by 4 p.m. were going stir crazy and needed to get out. There isn’t much to do in this tiny town so we bought soda’s from the local gas station and went for a drive.

I took them out to Jensen’s Reservoir where there is a gorgeous coulee and usually a frozen waterfall in the winter time.

Luckily that little outing was enough for them and we played games the rest of the day.

Lethbridge Fun

My brother’s are both huge history buffs and enjoy going to museums. I knew they would be down to visit the Galt Museum in Lethbridge, though Laura wasn’t as thrilled. Ha ha!

But the Galt’s Discovery Centre is really cool and interactive with great displays. We spent a lot of time going around and watching videos, reading informational display boards, and of course, taking pictures.

The current display there is about Lethbridge’s history of internment camps. I knew we had Japanese internment camps here during World War II, but I didn’t know we had internment camps during World War I!

After the museum, we headed to the Great Escape Lethbridge which is seriously always a good time! We were at a slight disadvantage because our room was hockey themed and these American’s  don’t know anything about hockey. It really only mattered for one of the clues at the end.

We didn’t make it through darn it! But we were so close that they let us finish the room and we were out in five more minutes. We were sooooo close!

Waterton Adventures

The last day of their visit was an adventure day. I originally wanted to take them cross country skiing but my youngest brother Ben had surgery on his pec a few days before the visit so it was out of the question. But when Ryan and I were in Waterton earlier for our anniversary, I saw a sign about Parks Canada and the Waterton Lakes Lodge clearing of Linnet Lake for pond skating. Perfect!

Finding skates to borrow turned out to be hard though! I assumed all Canadians had a rusty pair of skates lying around, but many people I asked didn’t! In the end, Bruce sat out and drive around Waterton with Ben, who couldn’t have skated anyway.

Laura, my niece Robyn, my nephew Dylan and I braved the freezing wind to skate on the lake. I’m pretty sure they originally cleared a huge section of the lake, but the wind blew snow across it and by the time we laced up, there were a few small patches to skate on.

Pond skating is tough because it’s such an uneven surface. I would hit a bad patch and yell “Don’t come here! It’s sketchy AF!” The bumpy terrain and complete lack op any sort of muscle tone made it tougher for me to show off my old school figure skating skills. LOL!

Everyone had a good time though and it was a fun winter experience, I just wish all my siblings could have participated.

After skating, we drove around Waterton a bit and hit up Cameron Falls. I think it’s a requirement of every visit. Who wouldn’t stop at a stunning waterfall right off the road?

I love my siblings so much and I wish we could have visits like this more often! I’m hoping for lots of adventures with them (and the babies) this summer!

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