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Blog experts always say to have a catchy title and that’s pretty catchy is it not?

I don’t know what it is about camping/ball tournaments but I never take any photos! So this post is basically a narrative, sorry about that.

What is it about the Milk River Softball Tournament that results in me injured with no sleep? Last year I destroyed my foot so I guess this isn’t very bad in comparison.


Softball went pretty good. I was super nervous because it was the first time I played since I hurt myself at this very tournament last year. The first game my stomach was in knots the entire time. I’m happy with how I played though, my hitting was good and I played back catch so it wasn’t too hard to screw that up.

We won our first game Friday night 18-0 and were feeling pretty good (remember we won the tournament last year). That night the campground was silent (no loud partyers at 4am this time) so I got a killer night sleep.

The next day we played two games, losing the first game by four and winning the second by two. But in the first game as I was sprinting home my left glute gave right out. I’ve been complaining about a butt knot all year and I thought a deep tissue massage had gotten it out for me but it didn’t.

Have you tried sprinting with a pulled glute? OUCH! I played through it during the second game and iced throughout the day.

On Sunday we had our first game and my butt was like “Nope!” Twice I went up to bat and I couldn’t give ‘er to first so I asked to be subbed out. LAME! We lost that first game by only 1 run and were done for the day.

The one photo I took this weekend
The one photo I took this weekend


Yes you read that right. This trip has finally convinced me that we need a camper. Ryan and I have been debating this for years because I always looked at campers as being for older people or people with young children. But do you know who needs campers? Southern Albertans!

At 11:00 p.m. on Saturday, just as the fireworks began, a huge wind storm blew in and if not for our cots our tent would have been blown into Montana! Ryan and I laid in our tent for about a half hour before we opted to go sleep in our car. Have you slept in a compact SUV with two people? Not comfortable! I got no sleep at all that night.

This is the third or fourth camping trip where violent winds have blown our tent around so bad that sleep is impossible and I give up. I told Ryan we have to start saving to buy a cheap older camper because I am done with the wind. My tents will be for when we’re in the mountains or woods with shelter and we will haul a camper to ball tournaments on the open prairie.

Healthy Camping

I stuck to my guns on eating healthy  while camping. With the exception of a few handfuls of sour keys every day (Lindsey brought a Costco tub of them) I ate really healthy. I packed chicken wraps, carrots, nectarines, almonds, lots of water, and protein bars. It takes some planning but it can be done!

That’s my weekend in a nutshell. Sorry again for the lame post with no photos. Next year for sure!

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