I kicked off marathon training in January. In Canada. And what a wild ride it’s been. I’ve run in -25C and in 70km/hour winds. You know what’s worse? The wind! I have learned that -20 is better than +12 with high winds. Crazy right? Things are finally warming up, and I’m anticipating hanging up my Mizuno BreathThermo gear pretty soon here. But let’s be real, it snows until May in Alberta so I’m keeping it al handy to keep me warm and toasty on my runs. 

Mizuno BreathThermo Review

Getting me through all that craziness was my line of Mizuno Breath Thermo gear. I had a few friends ask me about BreathThermo and if it really worked or if I was merely being “influencer-y” It works! It works insanely well!

Breath Thermo® turns your perspiration into body warming heat, a must have on the long, cold, windy run.


Warming Up is Key

Because you need body heat to activate the BreathThermo technology, I learned the hard way that getting dressed and heading outside without a warm up was a bad idea. It’s best if you do a 10 minute warm up inside, either on a cardio machine or with lunges and other body weight exercises. 

My Favourite Item–  TIE- The head band and the FZ jacket 

The head band  is so thin and lightweight but keeps you so warm! The design is nice too because it’s not bulky and you can put big headphones over them and hear everything without issue.

The FZ jacket ! I am never giving this jacket up! It is so lightweight and yet keeps you so warm. It’s my favourite colour and acts as a wind breaker which is essential in Southern Alberta. If you were going to choose one item from the BreathThermo line, the FZ jacket is it!

My least favourite item– The wind guard gloves. 

Of all the gear they were the hardest to warm up. It makes sense since many of us don’t produce a lot of heat from our extremities, but I found my fingers getting cold in those gloves when it was in the negatives. 

Hello Spring Running!

As I transition into spring running, some of the BreathThermo gear will remain in circulation. The Breath Thermo Half Zip is the perfect pullover that will provide warmth. And the BreathThermo socks will come in handy on chilly spring mornings. 

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